The company has a will to provide road transport services to any company whose products don’t require cold. We operate mainly in the geographical area of ​​the north of Spain and south of France. To do this we offer a fleet of 19 trucks with 30 trailers of different types: Plateau, taut-liner, reel-carrier, tipper, etc ... Just as different length trailers, from 11 to 18 meters, and gondolas for special transportation.

Mission: Perform freight, usually full loads, both nationally and internationally, using its own resources and also regular and sporadic suppliers.

Vision: To be a recognized and respected company within the transport sector in the Basque Country, both for the quality of the response to its customers and for the formality when it comes to assign loads and make payments to suppliers.

The company has developed a System of Quality Management according to the requirements of the UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2008.

Quality policy: We aim to obtain the satisfaction of our customers and suppliers, as well as of our own employees. In order to obtain this, we have and use the appropriate working tools, systems and networks for a continuous service improvement.


We work with creditworthy and reliable customers dedicated to many different industries. The relationship with them is always cordial and friendly, never leaving aside the professionalism. Our willingness to listen to the needs of new customers who may require our services is absolute, always trying to find answers quickly and efficiently to give a satisfactory solution to those needs.


We are open to work with all types of providers from any geographical location if they demonstrate seriousness when collecting and delivering the goods, respecting the times and loading protocols specified by each customer, as well as being diligent and timely in the implementation and monitoring of each of the trips. Similarly, we offer and guarantee reliability and timeliness in making payments and facilitate, as far as possible, the documentation and streamlining of procedures necessary for the administration of the carriage performed.